CARDAN Logistics company would also like to offer you transportation of oversized cargo by sea.

Port infrastructure is the key and fundamental factor during the carriage of heavy and oversized cargo by sea.

It sets out reloading capabilities for heavy and oversized cargo. Therefore, we wish to offer the following:
- Port services in cities such as Bilbao, Marseille, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Lubeck, Świnoujscie, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Klaipeda, St. Petersburg;
- We have specialized loading terminals to process oversized loads in these locations;
- We have adequate reloading facilities with sufficient exploratory parameters to any type of cargo;
- Securing a cargo on a ship by a highly-specialized team;
- Support for transport and customs documents for exports and imports;
- Insurance of goods for transport;
- Cooperation with ship owners from all over Europe which enables us selection of adequate means based on affordable financial conditions for the customer.




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